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Our Family's Journey Through Time site frequently asked questions

  1. How do i find who i’m looking for?
    • Name, surname vs. maidenname
    • Individual identity numbers (ID)
    • Advance searches
    • Google search vor ""

  2. How do i find an individual’s ancestors?
  3. What if i want to Ssee an Individual’s Descendants?
  1. Can descendants be shown in a graphical format?
  2. Is there a way to tell if two individuals are related?
  3. The Timeline Function Looks Interesting, What Is It?
  4. If i see a mistake in the information presented can i correct it?
  5. Who are you, and why did you create this website?
  6. How was this website created?
I have a question that is not addressed above. site icon definitions


    • Home
        Returns to Home Page.
    • PrintPrint
        Activates printer for printing current page.
    • Login - User: anonymousLogin
        Login utilized by administration only. Visitors are NOT required to have USERID's or passwords.
    • Add BookmarkBookmark
        Custom bookmarks for within site.
      • This page


    • Surnames
        Alphabetical list by surname of all individuals.
    • Bookmarks
        Custom bookmarks of preferred individual's pages.
    • Places
        Alphabetical listing of all places by country/state/county/city.
    • Dates
        Birth / death anniversaries.
    • Cemeteries
        Alphabetical listing of cemeteries by country/state/county/city.

    • People
        Refreshes / returns to current individual page.
    • Ancestors
        Ancestral pedigree on current individual.
    • Descendants
        Descendant chart for current individual.
    • Relationship
        Calculates relationship of two individuals.
    • Timeline
        Intersting factoids and trivia over current individual's lifespan.
    • Worksheet
        Here you can suggest changes in the family.
    • GEDCOM
        Import the GEDCOM file
    • Suggest
        Contact the webmaster regarding current individual.
    • MediaWiki.
        A link to MediaWiki Provides additional information about a person or place.  


    • Photos
        List of all individual photos.
    • Documents
        Items of interest.
    • Headstones
        List of grave markers and cemetery photos.
    • Histories
        Biographies and family histories.
    • Recordings
        Family recordings.
    • Videos
        Family videos.
    • Folios
        Collections of documents linked to specific individuals
    • Articles
        Articles and newspaper clippings about our family.
    • Metrica
        Copies certificates of birth, baptisms, marriages and deaths.
    • Obituaries
        Obituary for the dead in our family.
    • Parishes
        Parish churches associated with our family.
    • Crests
        Crests associated with some families from our database
    • Albums
        Family albums submitted by visitors.
    • All Media
        Alphabetical listing of ALL media on website.


    • What's New
        Latest changes to the website for last 30 days.
    • Most Wanted
        Brick walls and hard to find individuals.
    • Reports
        Custom reports. (Very limited use on
    • Statistics
        More info on regarding number of individuals; oldest individual etc.
    • Notes
        General research notes recorded on individual subjects
    • Sources
        Alphabetical listing of surces i.e. family data, books etc.
    • Repositories
        List of archives, libraries, etc., which we used.
    • Contact Us
        Electronic form to contact the webmaster via e-mail

Webmaster Message

We do not perform individual genealogical research.