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Our Family's Journey Through Time

Józef Ołdak

Józef Ołdak

Male Yes, date unknown - 1830Deceased

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Relationship to Anastazja Łojek (maid. name Ołdak)

Józef Ołdak
Male Yes, date unknown - 1830Deceased
Andrzej Ołdak
Male 1798 - Yes, date unknownDeceased
Jan Ołdak
Male 1824 - 1855Deceased
Teresa Ołdak (maid. name Rosłon)
Female Cal 1829 - Yes, date unknownDeceased
Anastazja Łojek (maid. name Ołdak)
Female 1853 - Yes, date unknownDeceased

Józef Ołdak is the great grandfather of Anastazja Łojek (maid. name Ołdak)

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